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The tendency is, as a the gear level gets higher the rng problems happen less often, I'd like to know how a full 75-geared shadow would perform, when my shadow got at hm-ready level gear it was *much* better, I don't have many problems on 8-man hm ops but the healers need to always know when big dmg is incoming and is they stop paying attention to me for 2secs I probably die but this is not such a big problem.
16-man hm ops on the other hand is terrible, yesterday I was almost one-shot by the bodyguards on olok the shadow
23:14:54.412	103s	Wrist Laser Burst	3349 kinetic	No	Bodyguard
23:14:54.413	103s	Wrist Laser Burst	0	No	Bodyguard
23:14:54.413	103s	Wrist Laser Burst	6603 kinetic	No	Bodyguard
23:14:54.910	103s	Melee Attack	4269 kinetic	No	Bodyguard
23:14:55.822	104s	Lunge	13206 kinetic	No	Bodyguard
27427 dmg in 1 second, my total health is something like 33500 with buff and rakata stim (what I was using at the time), and it could have been worse because I shielded one attack and defended the other
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