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07.25.2013 , 08:29 AM | #69
Please don't nerf the 55s!

There are finally a few flaspoints with some challenge. And the gear drops are good enough. I can't agree with your argument that pre 2.0 when you got gear with setbonuses was so much better, back then you got one Columni token per flashpoint, now you get 2 69 pieces every flashpoinz, thats more gear in my opinion, and if you already got arkanian gear, what would be the point of dgoing sm ops.
Pre 2.0, there was only Lost Island where you needed some gear and skill to complete it, so not every f2p noob who never did a hm flashpoint with 10k health could do it, unfortunately the 55s now aren't even close to that difficulty.

Fortunately you can't now ding 55, and start clearing the 55s in green and blue gear, it is a gear game, so you have to get some decent gear with stuff from lvl 50 fps, lvl 50 ops and dailys.