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07.25.2013 , 08:27 AM | #8

After max'ing out every crew skill I only take Biochem on every new toon, and the reason behind it is simple: for convenience.

The blue crafted stims/adrenals give more raw stats/boost (+7 defense and a bit more endurance for the fortunate one for example) - so to min/max your performance you want to use those, but the reusable ones do not cost you anything at all (once you got them ofc) and nothing should hold you back from using them all the time, whereas the blue ones need to be crafted/bought and that either costs time or credits and therefore a lot of people only use them rarely to save them up.

They are also a nice boost/help while levelling up alts (with biochem ofc).

If the question would be about what crewskill is the best to min/max performance in an ops - cybertech could be considered as useful as biochem as you could throw in one of the reusable grenades for dps every 3 mins, but I think even there the blue 'one use' ones perform better than the reusable ones (not sure tbh, as I only use them on my cybertech toon).