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07.25.2013 , 07:25 AM | #580
I'll have to add one/some of my guildies to the list, so not sure if this post fits under the thread title at all :P

I was running Athiss hm (again, seems I only get Cad or Athiss at all on 3 toons lately) and after the tiny dog boss you have the temple guardians and temple disciples and the latter have an increased stealth detection buff.
And my fellow shadow dps tried 4 or 5 times to sap them and lucky as I was I had pulled another mob already.
As it was a full guild run I wanted to see how long it would take him to realize that he cannot (at least he cannot) CC them, and been chatting and laughing in /w with my 'personal' healer about it.

Once we finished with the champions and before the Prophet I asked him to target one of the remaining mobs and try to read their buffs ... we'll see next time if the /hint worked out.

And another Athiss fun guild run ... everything went smooth until Prophet ...
(ok, nearly smooth as one dps always went for the CC'd & marked targets 1st and somehow didn't get the explanation/meaning of CC and marked and ... etc, however no dead ppl until last boss)

... ok Prophet time
Healer (we slightly forced him to come heal ... to get gear and experience) just didn't manage to get the cleanse on his quickbars, to click/press it etc ... and it took some attempts to get it working
Then he commited suicide on fireballs while trying to stand near me to heal me (was on my shadow so I really didn't need too much healing) ...
Then while running back (again) a dps brought the remaining Temple champions with him ... and saberslingered the boss straight away (too close to his heal on quickbars) ...

In the end it was really a fun run ... somehow we always had at least one person (dps or healer) running back during the whole last fight until the boss died.

However, I have to admit, if I would have ended up in a pug as tank and these things would happen ... I might would have simply left the group ...

And one more Cad fun thingy ... (this time a real pug group)

On the wookie boss I somehow struggled to get aggro on all adds (DPS just love to AoE them) ...
... so I typed in chat that they should stick close to the boss(giving me a chance to get aggro) - and nope, a slinger and commando HAS TO BE at maximum range to be played right.
As they refused to get closer(it seems they preferred to run circles like headless chickens with the adds on their trail) I asked them politely to get the adds to the boss at least during his unstable fuel(???) channel/explosion ... and guess what ... they all ran off (I think one nearly reached the elevator) to different directions and I ended up with the healer and a lot ... A LOT of adds to kill.