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Just happened to me (lvl 50 Operative healer).
I like to think of myself as a pretty good healer. Thus far, I have been able to keep everyone alive in the most stressful of situations during H4- missions and Flashpoints.
But every once in a while there is a group or just one member of a group screwing everything up and making it impossible to compensate for the damage they take.
This time, I was playing with a lvl 55 Assassin tank, a lvl 53 Sniper and a lvl 52 Marauder. I didn't find the time to look at the tank's gear, but it couldn't have been too great, since he was squishy like hell. I know that Assassin tanks can be really tough, but this one just got down to 50% of his max health in the first 3-4 seconds of every fight.
Additionally, he didn't manage to keep the aggro of the mobs, which started attacking me instead after a few moments, since the two DPS didn't do much at all, leaving me as the member generating the most threat, just by healing everyone.
As I told the tank (politely), that I was having troubles staying alive and healing him at once he told me he was going to take care of the issue.
Well, he didn't. Shortly after, he attacked the next group of enemies while I was still looting chests, which led to him dying in mere seconds causing him to get aggressive and telling me to heal him- note: I was about 150m away from him when he started the attack. I told him to wait for me next time and we kept going.
By the time we arrived at the Boss accompanied by the two droids (FP:Boarding Party), he immediately ran into the mob with me still healing myself. Again he died shortly after due to the fact that only the Boss was attacking him- leaving the two elite Droids untouched which then started firing at me. So while I was busy trying to get the aggro off me and healing the dps to survive the time until the tank gets back he just starts ranting at me in the chat again. That was the moment when I decided to drop out of the group and put the tank onto my ignore list.

Another "fun" FP was Hammer Station SM with my DPS Vanguard.
Our Tank was a Vanguard, the second DD a Commando and the healer was a Sage.
The thing was, that the healer didn't seem to be willing to heal always running into the action first starting off with the aoe blast, hurling every enemy nearby away and in return gaining their aggro. After that, he just spammed his standard melee attack until he was close to death. By that time, the tank had finally managed to gain aggro of every enemy nearby, leaving the healer enough time to heal himself to 100% again, just to start his "rotation" all over again.
We all told him to stop it and heal us instead, leaving the tanking to the tank (duh).
The response was "Why? It seems to work this way why would I change anything?"
This kept repeating itself again and again, until everyone started to tell him to just heal us. In the end, we barely made it through the FP, astonishingly enough- we didn't wipe once.
Still, I put the healer onto my ignore- list afterwards.

Please excuse any errors- I'm not a native speaker.