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Awesome thread and i got some stories as well.

Hammer Station SM on my new gunslinger.
Tank and Healer knew their stuff, but the other dps ( a commando ) a few levels higer than the rest of us had the most awesome rotation I ever saw.
It started with spamming Explosive Round till he was out of energy, then using Recharge cells (if not on cooldown) blowing it all out again with Explosive Round, or using Hammer Shot if he was too low on energy.
Somewhere at the end i think i saw him using Full Auto once or twice.
I never saw someone sticking so much to his (not ideal) rotation

A H2 on Voss on my PT Tank, found a Marauder to complete it, and wondered why he only had half my health. After checking his gear out, i saw that he was wearing the full Eradicator Set , unfortunately without any armoring, mod or enhancement he had some in his lightsabers which must have been rewards or drops, but not a single mod in his armour.
After pointing this out to him and explainng custom gear to him, he was very gratefull. But i can't stop to wonder how he got to Voss with that gear, it must have been really difficult. But i guess he prefered style over stats

And finally a Cademimu HM run on my Powertech. I was pretty new to 55, so not ideally geared, mostly 61s and 63s but i know the fp from my other characters quite well.
All went well, untill the last boss. One of the dps dies pretty soon from a rocket blast ( it can happen so no worries) , the healer uses Combat rezz, and we continue, get the Boss down to 50%, and both dps get shackled and kicked into a flame, no chance to get to them.
So only the healer and me left, and 4:30 cd on combat rezz. So for the next minutes we are trying to dps the boss down, free us of shackles and run out of the rockets. we get himd own to 20% until the rezz is ready again, get a dps up, and finally kill the boss.
Not a bad group or anything, but quite funny seeing us getting the boss HP down really really slowly.

As for those funny dps, who like to jump in before the tank, i ask them kindly to let me pull ( twice), the third time I sit back and relax and enjoy the show as they get eaten alive
It's easy, if u want to tank, roll a tank ( you even get instant GF pops on my server as a tank, so go for it )