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Speaking of new rewards, Been playing this event since the time it was around and its very clear that the interest has dropped drastically.
But I have a serious question that is really puzzling me.
You create dozens upon dozens of items practically every month for game related rewards and Cartel market, how hard would it have been to add one or two items to gree vendor?
I was disappointed nothing new was added the last time but had high hopes of having something to grind for with the 55 event. yet nothing there again.
I give credit for the added achievements and the rare drop red sphere which u can try for twice and have almost no chance of getting. Most of us in guild are hardly going there, xeno, few kills, and ur out. And mainly out of boredom and not excitement.

However from a developer standpoint, how is it that you have such bright people and they didnt think that so many players have already completed everything possible with that event and wouldn't be interested in grinding unless there's some new reward there, regardless of what it is, even a reskin?
Adding one or two items for like 80 Helixes would've had everyone on ilum working to earn those.
Seriously? Isnt that as basic and obvious as could be?
Sometimes I am really amazed by the lack of sense some huge companies have..

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The ancient Gree starship, Gray Secant, returns to Ilum between July 23rd and August 6th bringing with it a brand new reward, the Red Sphere Transport Enclosure Vehicle!

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