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07.25.2013 , 01:27 AM | #6
As a no-click healer, it really messes up my groove when I need to take my hand off the keyboard to find the mouse and point it somewhere because I want to toss out a Salvation or a Kolto Bomb. The argument that Salvation is too OP and not meant to be used frequently or conveniently is not the best argument, considering that one can play a damage class and fire off any number of high damage moves in rapid succession without ever taking his hands off the keyboard. And as has been argued elsewhere, the way the targeting system treats terrain and obstacles is often annoying (such as the target circle catching on top of a rock in the foreground), and something that non AoE users never have to deal with.

Suggestion for how AoE targeting should work:

Click an ability once / press an ability key once:
Go into mouse point-and-place mode to choose the area.

Click an ability a second time/ press an ability key a second time:
Automatically center the AoE on the current target, regardless of whether the target is a friend/foe or whether the skill is friendly/hostile, and activate the ability.

Why it should work on any target with any AoE ability:
  • multiple party members near each other, no foe present: I want to center a friendly effect on a party member.
  • multiple party members around 1 foe: I want to center a friendly effect on the foe to hit all party members.
  • multiple foes near each other, no party members present: I want to center a hostile effect on a foe.
  • multiple foes around 1 party member: I want to center a hostile effect on the party member to hit all foes.