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Granted many folks agree some HARD Stuff should be in NiM, but also reasonable. I totally agree with Carl that last 2 bosses should be the nasty butt kicking type just like the DG Pre-Nerf. THAT makes NiM worthy of guild challenges and titles. Not slapping the nasty content on boss #2 and calling it a day. Especially after PTS was a completely different animal.
I agree with this. I don't mind there being fights that only the top 1% (or 0.1%) can complate, but they should be the final bosses. Take Nightmare Kephess from EC, he was leaps and bounds harder than anything else in there. Even the tanks, who were very difficult, were dwarfed by Kephess in difficulty.

Having the 2nd boss in the raid be dissproportionatly tuned is not the correct model. Styrak and The Terror should be as tough as pre-nerf DG were. The DG should NOT be the most difficult enounter in the raid.