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Get your attention? Good. Now sit back and enjoy, fellow gamers.

Esseles/Black Talon bug? Still here, since patch 1.4. It's 2.3.3 now. At least 90% of the people I group with still crash during the hyperspace scene. The sad part is that customer service actually responded on post #2 to a thread talking about a work around, and that it's being fixed. That thread isn't dead either, it's been posted in quite a few times this year, last post being July 22. Good times, there.

Need I even bring up the large numbers of NPCs without heads? These NPCs who haven't had heads since release? Also:
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This is an issue that was fixed on the Live Servers with Wednesday's Game Update 2.2.2, and it will not be present when Game Update 2.3 deploys. Thanks for the reports!
More good times.

There's the bug where if you get just the right amount of experience to level a character, you'll display on the HUD/UI at the proper level, but you can't get your new abilities until you get a little bit more experience. This is minor and more of an annoyance, but a bug nonetheless.

There's the NPCs who have conversations about stuff when you're not even in a populated area. Unless trees can talk in the Star Wars universe now.

Sound still completely cuts out, at random, until you load another area.

Invisible everything. I'm not sure what causes this bug, myself, but I know that people still get it.

The Voidstar win/loss bug. Tie breaker never works. Team that starts as the attacker always wins in this situation.
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Thank you for your reports, everyone. We've confirmed that there is currently an issue that can affect Voidstar wins and award them incorrectly. We're working on this issue and will have it fixed in an upcoming patch!
Companions unable to be summoned after leaving groups. This is not consistent, but has happened enough that it's annoying.

My absolute favorite bug though? That bug is the crash to desktop that happens when I try to utilize my Fleet Pass. Not only does this thing crash my game, but it also puts the pass on cool down while leaving me on whatever planet I was trying to leave.

Feel free to add to this thread with your own bugs.