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You guys are real *** hats, you know that. You give a new speeder in a 2 week event that is a rare drop on the hardest boss. So if you are a schlub like me, you get 2 shots at this thing IF it drops and that does not include the 1/16 shot of winning the roll. I ran HM with two different toons yesterday and did not see it drop. Not sure if it drops on SM but if it does, that makes 5 times I killed Xeno yesterday and never saw it. You guys are a joke.

What a bunch of *****s. It gets tiring dealing with you people. Some of us pay 15 bucks a month. We have been asking for a legacy bank, a legacy shield/focus and what do we get? A rare drop on an event that last 2 weeks. Well thought out. *****. Lets not mention the fact that 30 items on the vendor are bound to legacy but the grey helix components are bound on pickup. Do you think ANYTHING through? And on top of that, the community has brought this up to your attention several times. Too bad we cannot do the lack of confidence vote on you idiots and get someone else to ruin this game.

Just ran HM and SM again. *gaaaaaasp* still no drop. I'm up to about 10 lost rolls on underworld gear in the last week. I am so fed up with this game.
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