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People should be banned from making simple comparisons which are incorrect.

Armour debuffs are not present for all of those, 30% effects are not present either.

The armour debuff however adds the most damage.

#1 already has a debuff present but will gain an execute for a slight increase

#2, 3, 4, 6, 8 significant increase in damage from debuff and execute if applicable

#5 and 7 are already capped and will be pushed down as the others gain

The other matter is how easily dummy whacking translates into damage in a raid.
I've already explained once why this is not accurate, though it may have been in the Harbinger thread. Pre-30%, Juggernauts get to use V.Throw on a 20 second cooldown. Sub-30%, it's on it's normal cooldown of 6 seconds, with a total of 4 every 20 seconds. This is not an insignificant DPS increase.

I will allow that Juggs are closer to "capped" than any class other than Mercs, but they are not running dummy parses at 100% of their potential, despite what Austin said on some website or anorther around 2.0 launch.