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DPS Leaderboard: Honorable Mentions

Q. What is this section?
A. This section is an area for people to recognize and note how the other specs are fairing against each other. With leaderboards like Commando/Mercenaries dominated by one spec, people are curious how Pyro/Assault and the Hybrid is faring. This is the section to recognize those.

Q. What parses can go up?
A. ONE parse will be recognized PER unique spec. Making some arbitrary numbers up, take the 5/18/23 Gunslinger/Sniper hybrid spec for example. If there is one hybrid already recognized on the leaderboard, then no hybrids will receive an honerable mention here. Additionally, changing the spec in a miniscule manner such as to 4/19/23 or something similar will not count as a large enough change.

Q. What are the rules?
A. The same as the Top 5 Leaderboard

Q. I'm soooo close, can I PLEASE be put on honorable mentions?
A. No.


Full Pyro
Pizza'dah'hutt: Mercenary - 2/8/36 - 3035.35
Log Link:
AMR Profile:

Full Focus
Kishekzun - Guardian - Focus - 0/10/36 - 2943.75
Log Link:
AMR Profile:

Full Lethality
Tianna - Sniper - Lethality - 5/5/36 - 3164.66
Log Link:
AMR Profile:





Full Assault
Drekkin - Vanguard - Assault - 4/6/36 - 2817
Log Link:
AMR Profile:
The Harbinger
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