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I read these posts, thinking I will probably never face these situations, as I rarely use GF for HMFPs, but last night I decided to give it a shot as it was a quiet night in the guild. My sister, who normally is a healer decided to DPS for a change (69/72 optimised) and a shadow in 66/69 gear. we opted for a PUG healer (myself tanking on my vanguard). We queued up and got an instant pop for athiss with a sage healer.

We roll in, say our usual "Hi, Heya. Hello" and I take a quick peek at the healer's gear (health seemed a little low compared to my sister's sage). Us three were on TS and commenting the healer's HP is a little low (27k HP), but hey, I've seen healers with lower health than him do a smashing job at healing. Then I notice the healer is in what looked like mostly old WH gear with sprinkles of partisan thrown in. I was slightly concerned, but not knowing much about sage healing, I tell my sister to check him out. "He'll struggle being in old WH gear, but we should be fine as long as we can burn through things pretty quick".

While this is happening, healer pops in group chat - "Hey guys, I'm in a s***y mood. My crackhead flat mate gave me s**t. so I want a quick run.". My interpretation of the statement - "I'm in a bad mood, so I'm going to demand you bow to my whims for my own enjoyment." I'm instantly annoyed (rubbed me the wrong way, that statement) and get ready to pull the plug and leave, but my sister convinces me to stay. we proceed on and straight away I see we're heading for a disaster. the healer decides its takes too long for me to slice the elevator so jumps STRAIGHT Down, nearly dying. At the bottom, he stops just long enough to heal himself back to half HP and runs for the explosive satchel, while we're coming down. He stops at the entrance of the room just long enough for us to catch up and charges head long into the mob. First attack - Force Wave, scattering everything all over the room. I jump in, collect them up and the 2 dps proceeds to burn them down, none of us receiving any heals. thankfully we were geared enough to withstand it.

Once we have the explosive satchel, I ask the healer, could you please wait for me to grab aggro and unless necessary, don use force wave, it scatters everything and makes it a little difficult for me to keep them bunched up so we can burn them faster. Healer acknowledges and runs off again popping force speed. I sigh and follow up (Hold The Line FTW).

Next Room, I call for a CC (I know we can face roll the mob, but I ask for CCs to minimise incoming damage and found it takes less time to burn trash if the strongs are CCed). Healer decided that's unnecessary and charges head long yet again, using force wave to scatter everything. With 2 silver crabs bearing down on him. I jump in, pop AoE taunt, round them up. 1 silver goes down, my hp down a fair bit before healer decides I'm worth his time to heal up and tops me up.....before dropping another force wave and scattering everything yet again. My sister on TS yells "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? DON'T SCATTER THEM FROM THE TANK!!". We burn them down and move on to the next room. yet again he repeats the force wave...Exasperated, we make our way to Beast of Vodal (not CC-ing shamans, aggroing trash and leaving the rest of us to clean them up while he goes off to aggro another bunch and running back to us for me to pick up aggro.

By now I'm fuming, but keep my mouth shut, my sister is asking him to not run ahead of me and to keep me topped up and she's stuck off-healing me and DPSing at the same time. We start on the beast and I kite him to the little cave on the side (he did say, this needs to be quick and taking the beast to the pond takes too long). It becomes a horrendous exercise. the entire fight, I never recovered my full HP, his heals were barely keeping me alive while standing WITH ME IN FRONT OF THE BEAST. ironically, he's maintaining full heals on the 2 DPS (they never dropped below 90% HP while I was barely alive, DPS sage throwing off heals on me in between fights). We down beastie, but by now, I'm cursing like a drunken sailor on shore leave on TS and tell my sister and the shadow - if this guy keeps pulling this, I'm gone, I wont wear a repair cost borne out of stupidity. We move on and come to the rooms of guardians. I put on group chat, please wait on my pull, these things hurt a lot and your heals are barely keeping up with the damage I'm taking (no response). we go in to the first room of birds (queue force wave scatters, furious button mashing all over) and move to the second one. earlier I asked if we're doing bonus for the loot, to which his reply was "Don't care" so I proceed to rack up kills. while we were clearing trash, he runs off to the first room of guardians and aggros both. I hussle forward, pick them up and promptly lose them (force wave....). More button mashing and pick them up, but now I have both guardians smashing me all over the place. I thought this can't get worse....oh but it did. Healer rushes off and picks up the third guardian (inquisitor ones) and brings him over. So now, I'm getting 3 guardians tossing me around, 1 dps short because DPS sage is supplementing healer's output while DPSing elites and I'm back to being barely alive. We lose the shadow, with none of the guardians down (he's finally in full healing mode - on himself!) seconds later lose my sister and I /stuck it out, I had enough. He goes on my ignore list and I drop out. My sister tells me over TS how he was saying on group chat about having a ball watching me getting tossed around like a pin ball and all he wanted to have fun, ending the fiasco with "Take Care and F U". The Shadow tells the guy - good luck with the GF, you've just gone on the ignore list of a tank who usually tries hard NOT to put people on ignore list. After re-queue, we got Mando Raiders with a PUG slinger who played the class like an absolute pro.
You sir have more patience than me....I would have let him keep aggro after the 2nd time and then once he died (and we all wiped) I would have left. You should have put him on blast on General Chat after that run though. That's a do*che to get enjoyment out of causing a group to wipe. Don't care if he was in a pissy mood
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