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before the last patch, i had this problem all the time with everything in the vehicle folder.
what i noticed was when u mounted and dismounted the sounds were there, but when u moved, the sound stayed where u mounted. Have u updated your sound card? always have the latest stable sound and vid drivers.
i have the problem too, and with the rocket boost.
and the staying mount sound was fixed in 2.2.2
"Sounds now properly follow players when riding a mounted vehicle."
so, no sound card related issue.
bioware screwed up. nothing else

pssssssst off-topic:
Known In-Game Issues: Updated July 24th, 2013
While showing off the Stylish Dance emote, players will briefly forget the next move, causing an interruption of the performance."
neeeeed da fix! and for every other dance animation too plx plx! xD
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