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This almost seems like a breach of contract.

Personally I had already planned to commit to a subscription beyond the play time which COMES WITH PURCHASE of the game. But for some I know, they wanted to kick the tires before making that long term commitment.

But if Bioware does not let you use the game during the 30 days following purchase until you sign up for a longer term commitment, do they also PUT ON HOLD the 30 day clock for the time which comes with the purchase?

Don't get me wrong, I love the game. But this is not a good way to conduct business.
It's an industry standard. Find me a paid online service that doesn't require you to enter a valid credit card to use their service regardless if you have free time or not.

The only people this really effects is people without credit cards. Maybe no one if game cards can be refunded, not sure on that one. You won't get charged on your credit card until the next month though.