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So... if you take all the top parses for each class and order them by best dps you get this:


So, why are VG/PT and Ops/Scoundrels considered bad dps and shouldn't be taken to Ops if they're #2 and #3 overall? Not saying you folks reading this thread wouldn't, just why is this the general consensus ingame?
People should be banned from making simple comparisons which are incorrect.

Armour debuffs are not present for all of those, 30% effects are not present either.

The armour debuff however adds the most damage.

#1 already has a debuff present but will gain an execute for a slight increase

#2, 3, 4, 6, 8 significant increase in damage from debuff and execute if applicable

#5 and 7 are already capped and will be pushed down as the others gain

The other matter is how easily dummy whacking translates into damage in a raid.
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