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And 3 solid pages of QQQing.
Like very much that this event repeats every so often.
Would be nice if the other two previous events also repeated also on a rotating schedule. With the vendors permanent, of course.
The Gree legacy armor has proven quite useful.
It would be nice if it was just a permanent added feature to the western ice shelf, because at this rate it would take around 6 months for me to get this "red sphere" that Xeno drops. I'm at 7 runs in 2 days on Xeno and it has yet to drop. So let's just be kind (I have divinely bad luck) and say you play the stats right. It drops once ever 10 runs on Xeno. Well there be 16 other people rolling on it. That is IF it drops once every 10 times. I have killed the ancient gree destroyer 50+ times and i've seen the mini droid drop twice.

10x16 = 160. So for me, if i'm lucky enough to hit the bare minimum stat (which I do not, it's much worse then that) then I am looking at around 160 runs on Xeno before I get one. That is not including the people that win multiple times.

Yes, I know, it's just a rehash skin BUT it's an item in the game that I pay to play, so by all rights I should have a fair shot at it.

So bare minimum, i'm looking at 160 Xeno runs before I get one. I have 8-55's right now, so I can run it 16 times a week. So, 10 weeks if i'm lucky. That is over 2 months. Not bad.....I guess. But it would have to be a permanent feature. Btw, I enjoy this event. It opens up room for the other
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