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Just posted this in an older thread but it applies here too, what do you guys think of this:

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I realize this thread is a little old but since someone else dug it up let me give my 2p. When I'm leveling, I don't pay much attention to ability text so when I got Jet Boost, this is exactly what I thought it was. I figured it pushed you around or upped your speed because the idea of Jet Boost pushing enemies back is just odd. Look at the words: "Jet" obviously referring to our jet pack and "boost" which means an increase. Why the hell does that KB? I don't think we should lose the KB, I just think Jet Boost is the wrong name...anyways...

Looking at AC and their individual in-combat mobility CDs:
Sith Inquistor - Force Speed
Sith Assassin - Force Pull
Sith Sorcer - Extricate, Surging Speed (Madness Tier 7)
Sith Warrior - Force Charge
Sith Juggernaut - Intercede, Shien Form (Vengeance Tier 3), Obliterate (Rage Tier 3), Rule of Two (Immortal Tier 6)
Sith Marauder - Predation, Ataru Form (Carnage Tier 3), Obliterate (Rage Tier 3)
Imperial Agent - Take Cover, Evasion, Covered Escape
Sniper - Seek Cover (Marksmanship Tier 5), Hit and Run (Lethality Tier 1)
Operative - Exfiltrate, Infiltrator (Concealment Tier 2), Ghost (Concealment Tier 4), Advanced Cloaking (Concealment Tier 5), Hit and Run (Lethality Tier 1)
Bounty Hunter - Hydraulic Overrides
Powertech - Grapple, Jet Charge (Shield Tech Tier 5), Jet Speed (Shield Tech Tier 5), Pneumatic Boots (Advanced Prototype Tier 3)

Not counting abilities that can slow or immobilize enemies, these are simply the abilities that allow for movement in combat (including moving an enemy into range, moving a group member into rage, moving yourself into or out of range, etc).

Looking at that Mercenaries get ONE ability and not only does it only increase speed by 30% its not even, its not even an exclusive. Look at how Sins/Sorcs were designed: Sorcs can pull friendly targets in to protect them, Sins can pull enemy targets in to control them. By that same logic why is it Snipers that get the backwards escape? And seriously, Operatives get a TON of movement stuff while Mercs get pretty much nothing. The utility of HO comes from its immunity not really from its speed buff because any gap you open up between yourself and a DPS in PvP is going to be closed by them due to their higher regular movement speed and in PvE it just isn't fast enough to get you out of danger like Force Speed does for Sorcs.

For those arguing that Mercs either shouldn't have any Jet Pack abilities or have enough (someone listed Recharge and Reload? Seriously? Our out of combat regen ability? The "Jet" effect there has no utility and is purely cosmetic) you are not thinking clearly. The only ability we have that truly uses our Jet Pack as an actual mechanic is Jet Boost. DfA does not *require* a jet pack since its simply pushing you up, you could just as easily fire the missiles from the ground. Jet Boost on the other hand has no way to function without a Jet Pack. Perhaps if it animated similarly to HO and then stomped but...too close to Overload IMO. Add to that the fact that our only defense comes down to that we wear heavy armor and can cast some heals and its just ridiculous. I do NOT use my Merc in PvP ever simply because of how easy it is to tear them up.

The WoW Warrior jump seems to close to Jet Charge so I think thats out but the jump backwards while firing is a great idea. Here is my tweak though:
Out of Harm's Way (Generates 30 Heat): Fires your Jet Boosters to blast you backwards 12 meters. When slowed, you only travel 6 meters. This ability is not affected by the global cooldown. Can be used while immobilized. Cooldown: 3 Minutes
Related Talents:
Bodyguard: Emergency Response - Out of Harm's Way now places a Kolto Pool at your feet upon landing which heals up to 4 allies for 3027-3143 over 3 seconds. Additionally, you are immune to damage and movement impairing effects for 2 seconds after activating Out of Harm's Way.
Arsenal: Out of the Fying Pan - Out of Harm's Way now increases critical strike chance by 100% for 6 seconds.
Pyrotech: Destructive Escape - Out of Harm's Way now unloads your blasters at your target while blasting backwards dealing 3087-3690 weapon damage over 3 seconds. Additionally, damage done this way hinders the target, preventing the use of high mobility actions and escapes such as charges, vanishes, and speed boosts. Lasts 2 seconds per charge, stacks up to 3 times.

So this puts it on par with the Exfiltrate (in terms of getting us out of bad situations) and Force Barrier (in terms of power VS CD) while also allowing it to be talented for increased PvE or PvP effectiveness. The typical OP argument is countered by the fact that the heat cost is so high. In PvP this shouldn't be an issue as you are rarely able to hunker down and turret for all too long, and in PvE it means that you either need to plan your Heat management around the use of this CD or use it in conjunction with Vent Heat. All of these effects are comparable to similar effects of other classes just tweaked to work for Mercs:

The basic concept is the same as a reverse exfiltrate with the exact same distances applied. The heal becomes a similar mechanic to the similar Operative roll, the Arsenal Damage increase works out to 4 instant casts, 4 Tracers, an Unload and a few others etc, and the Pyro effect gives them some additional control and mobility.

As for how this could be tuned for Commando's, that is simple: Someone else pointed out the football "spiking" concept, well you could similarly simply point such a high powered canon at the ground for a self-knockback effect. Call it Blast Free and its good.

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