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07.24.2013 , 10:33 AM | #32
While i understand why they added the PVP achievements,they have cut the event in half for me. usually when I play,Due to the lateness/early hours i can get a team and do the PVP missions with the minimum of other players attacking(like 1 time in 40). now i see large numbers of republic players camping at certain areas just to stop and fight us..

Yes I realize it is a PVP zone, but at least before there was a slight understanding of co-operation by the mature players. once i get to unlock the white armor(and I am close) i will stop doing this event ,

hopefully the new event will not require us to go to a PVP area to complete , or ill will be skipping that also, its kinda sad as a sub , so much of the game is becoming unenjoyable.