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Airwolfe I think you are still missing the point and trying to beat a dead horse back to life.

It's a BUSINESS. If NiM was built to only be done by lets say 1,000 of 1,000,000 people for grins then it's a bad business decision to spend large amounts of coding time (Money) to make a NiM instance in the first place. The metrics (Math) behind the scenes most likely showed a very LARGE majority of the population was not completing DG, but seemed to be clearing other bosses in a much higher percentage. Heck you can see that from Torparse a little, but not a perfect picture.

Granted many folks agree some HARD Stuff should be in NiM, but also reasonable. I totally agree with Carl that last 2 bosses should be the nasty butt kicking type just like the DG Pre-Nerf. THAT makes NiM worthy of guild challenges and titles. Not slapping the nasty content on boss #2 and calling it a day. Especially after PTS was a completely different animal.
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