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12.22.2011 , 07:11 PM | #1
Yea a group of friends and myself ran in to both the turret bug in EV, which I might add we cleared with 8 people in quest gear, this obviously shows that the difficulty needs to be bolstered, the part that was a problem and isn't on the patch notes is the fact that the boss did NOT spawn upon clearing the turrets and waves of mobs. We also ran into the bug in Karagga's Palace where in our case we got past the door BUT we were stuck in the pit and the game would reset our characters and cameras to the same spot after and attempt to move or adjust; one member of the Ops was able to get free by using force run. This bugs also causes an LoS issue with he 4 elite mobs in the pit. Is there any way you can fix this in live for us as it seems some other guilds did not have this problem and we would like to do the same as we are trying to stay competitive here!!!!