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1. I'm a dedicated and loyal employee. I like to work on the forefront of cutting edge technology and can be trusted to not disclose what goes on behind closed doors to the public.

2. Some accomplishments I'm proud of,
  • Graduating High School with a Perfect 4.0 GPA.
  • Having achieved near perfect accuracy with my Springfield XD 45 ACP.
  • Forming alliance of individuals equipped and prepared to survive almost any apocalyptic scenario.

3. I do whats needed to achieve my goals, whether that includes diplomacy, practice, initiative or focus. I'll do whatever it takes as long as it does not conflict with my personal code of ethics.

4. I have a strong moral compass, but I realize sometimes things need to be done even if it doesn't seem right at the time. Government regulations and laws don't faze me, its only if I'm asked to do something which I personally find disturbing from a human rights perspective I speak my opinion against it. However ahead of all other principles comes my belief in not telling anybody who shouldn't know information I'm privy to due to trust, no matter how repulsive I might find what I keep my mouth shut about. I try to do whats right, but I place loyalty above all else.

5. I would drug the experimental creature with a strong sedative to make it rest until my colleague can pay attention to it.

I would be ideal for most of the job positions. My good accuracy would make me perfect for a Security Officer. My high math skills, strong ability to learn and creativeness to come up with new things would make me perfect for a Technician or Engineer. My ability to handle animals well, high level of strength, experience caring for many different types of animals, as well as ability to mask any emotions would make me perfect for Organism Handler. My attention to detail would make me perfect for Research Contributor.

Being perfect for all these jobs, which would I choose? Probably biochemical engineer since this is a field which interests me greatly, although I'm willing to start at any position,