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I am surprised no one has commented on this : "with it a brand new reward, the Red Sphere Transport Enclosure Vehicle!"

A) It's not new. It's a reskin, as is most everything Bioware releases anymore.

B) It is a RARE drop you can ONLY get by fighting Xeno II, which you can only do in SM and HM ONCE per week. So, essentially you have 2 shots per week ( if you are geared enough) of getting it at all which equals 4 total in a 2 week Event run. Ya, way to hype something you most likely wont get Bioware. It should be Token buyable just like the other one, then people will care.

I can;t remember the last good idea or well done post Bioware has done with this game. The little "celebration" for Revan was a complete and utter joke, as is this. Other MMO's laugh at Bioware's lack of interesting game events/ideas. Aren;t events supposed to be fun? What is fun about redoing the same tired event that has been done 6-7 times now? It's upped to 55,,,whoopdy do.

Would it kill you to bring back the Ratghoul Event, something pretty much everyone wants....
It doesn't make me angry anymore. It's got to the point where the updates (and the so-called developers) are laughable. Tis a real shame too, since this game could have been the undisputed king of the MMO market if it had been done correctly.

Think this just proves that the people who make games should be gamers themselves.