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A GOOD premade should never lose to a pug in SWTOR. If you do then you are not a GOOD premade. A premade is 50% of the team in a game where guarding/taunts/heals are all very powerful and easy to play.

I am not saying that a premade of good players should never lose to a pug. They shouldn't lose very often but they will at times. However, a very good premade should be able to carry any 4 pugs against a group of even 8 decent pugs. I am a busy professional and I got bored of pugstomping a long time ago so I don't premade anymore (I will though if premade matching is added) but I have played mmos for many years.

For example, In Rift my top premade of 5 could carry any 15 pugs and that was even if a decent premade was on the other team. That is what a GOOD premade can do. Don't kid yourselves.

The OP won't ever admit it but I have a feeling he is the type that has never been in a GOOD premade and he likes how he can pugstomp so often in SWTOR.

fyi, GOOD premaders want premade matching more than anyone. Being forced to pugstomp so often is the reason many of my friends from release gave for quitting swtor and is the reason I play 8 classes and don't try to really gear up any of them. There is no point to in SWTOR.

Having said that I still have a lot of fun and that is why I am still here (I even discovered that not taking pvp as serious as I always did can be a lot of fun) but I just get annoyed by people like the OP.
Yeah but also a teribad pub can sink a good premade for example you are fighting on CW and the teribad pug defending your side get stun locked keyboard and wen you realize they got both sides, yeah has a premade yuo can take it back but what if you are fightning another premade or a pug of good players ... that pug just sink your premade on that match like it or not the teribad pugs can sink any premade

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