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Yeah, adding the hinder debuff to the target during the duration of unload was proposed by Cashogy. I think its a pretty great idea, since if makes the Jet Boost > Unload combo more effective on leapers. Here's my 3 topics

PvE: Heat management, aggrevated by the change of the set bonus. I don't do PvE, so I can't comment much, but this is the complaint I see most.

PvP: Pyro. They gutted the spec with last minute nerfs on the PTS for 2.0, and its considered to be the worst Advanced Class PvP spec out of all the classes. We have no cleanse protection, and all our damage was turned into fluff. We have very little takedown power, and you can forget about pressuring a healer. Thermal Det had its upfront kinetic damage cut in half, and the other half was replaced with a cleanse-able, lack-luster DoT. This spec needs looking at.

The General Question: Cooldown times. Why does our AC have such long CDs compared to other ACs? Power Surge, TSO and Electo Net are the main culprits here. Would they consider lowering any of our CDs? Or even adding an Offensive CD? For "walking arsenals", our lack of a full fledged offensive CD is suprising.
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