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This thread makes me lol

umm, to the op. The current fight is more like what we wanted, the pre-nerf version was a pure guild destroyer.

The fight, as its currently tuned, is still miles past what the "casual" guild may expect to clear. Yes it no longer requires your dps to all be putting up some of the best numbers in the world, but it still requires amazing dps from all 4 dps.
Not sure who you're referring to when you say 'what we wanted' but from all the feedback from all 16 man guilds who participate in progression (and most 8 man, from what I saw on the original 'plz nerf' thread ) - almost every guild said "No Bioware, this does not need nerfs, it's already as hard as it needs to be".

Today, the fight saw a second nerf..many mistakes can be made and the fight will still be beaten.
The fact that the 10 or so guilds (8 and 16 combined) who killed this fight before ANY nerfs STILL made mistakes (I counted 10-20 in the videos I watched), is indication that this fight is clearly being made far too easy.
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