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07.23.2013 , 08:34 PM | #51
A few things relevant to this thread with today's 2.2.3 update:

New Achievements are available for the Relics of the Gree Event!
Imperial Agents are now properly granted the Achievement for completing Chapter 1. Players who have already completed Chapter 1 will be retroactively granted the Achievement and its rewards.
Defeating the final encounter in The Foundry Flashpoint in Normal or Hard Mode now grants the appropriate Achievement.
While on Makeb, players no longer need to complete the mission step "Regulators Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa" in order to be granted the "Making the Connection" Achievement.

Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid

When a buried treasure is found with the Seeker Droid, there is now a higher chance to find deployment boosts, reputation trophies, secure crates, or speeder parts.
The Seeker Droid no longer has a random chance to dig up items when the player is not near a buried treasure.
Gear can no longer be dug up by the Seeker Droid, with the exception of Dreadseed and Star Forager armor.
Special buried treasure (one per Seeker Droid digsite) now has a greater chance of being a rare speeder part.
In summary, the hard mode Flashpoint Master achievement should be available to everyone (with the possible exception of those still having trouble with Kaon), Agents who finished Act 1 pre-2.0 no longer have to roll another agent for that class achievement, one bug was fixed in the Makeb "Making the Connection" achievement, and it seems as though it will be a little easier to dig up Dreadseed/Star forager armor and speeder parts with seeker droids. There were also a number of codex fixes, though sadly, none relevant to us achievement hunters. Also NiM ops nerfs.

The Gree event will be back for two weeks, so more than 12% is possible for the events tab. It should come as no surprise that Dulfy already has a guide up for it.

And an update for me, up to 16355.

Now if you'll excuse me, there are people to gank on Ilum and bosses to down.