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Forgive me folks, but where can I read about these changes?
Game Update 2.2.3 Patch Notes

Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid
  • When a buried treasure is found with the Seeker Droid, there is now a higher chance to find deployment boosts, reputation trophies, secure crates, or speeder parts.
  • The Seeker Droid no longer has a random chance to dig up items when the player is not near a buried treasure.
  • Junk items dug up by the Seeker Droid are now level 10 or below.
  • Gear can no longer be dug up by the Seeker Droid, with the exception of Dreadseed and Star Forager armor.
  • Special buried treasure (one per Seeker Droid digsite) now has a greater chance of being a rare speeder part.