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Signed. I just don't understand by the developers continue to make such significant changes to the game without any kind of forewarning or explanation of their reasoning. I was planning on putting in the time to dig up all the goodies, but I'm so frustrated now that I'm not sure I ever will.
"They don't want you to do it'" seems like only explanation. Apparently people were earning money from digging for hours, and that can't be, only source of money should be dalies and/or fp/ops/wz. Same thing happened to space missions, after nerfig it's rewards to oblivion they removed any reason to do them outside achievements/specific gear for fleet comms.
You still may do those things for specific rewards(speeder parts, legacy shells, space comms), but don't count on any rewards you used to get. And for seeker droid it means no rewards at all unless you actually manage to find something.