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Let me get this straight, you folks are upset that green and blue drops have gone away in place of speeder and armor parts rates going up?
No. The problem is spending 10 minutes looking for any return, spending another 2 minutes zeroing in on it and getting a "something interesting" that is a 10 credit gray item.

I had all the armor parts before this change, now I'm getting more I don't need and which are only worth 30 cr vended.

The change that needed to be made was removal of all "finds" that happened outside of the "something interesting" finds. That's cool. The drop rate for armor and speeder parts should have been left alone, but I won't complain if they want to make it easier to get the speeders because once I do I'm done seeking. But above all the "something interesting" returns needed to actually be something interesting...not green or blue gear, not artifact 28 enhancements...but something worth spending 10 minutes of mind-numbing tedium in order to find.
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