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07.23.2013 , 05:17 PM | #19
I can kind of see why they made a change, but the change they made is just awful.

In two days of "fishing" for around 6 hours all told, I made at least 500k credits (if not more, wasn't really paying too much attention) by selling everything to a vendor that wasn't a "keeper".

Today I spent about an hour before I got tired of it after the 12th gray "something interesting" showed up. I have also run into the false positives when there is no one else after getting it down to really close only to have the next seek that should have given me something interesting instead returning the red "no mas" circle.

On top of that, the prototype (blue) secure crate is returning impeccable gemstones...which unless I'm mistaken were removed from the game once already because there is nothing that uses them.

The "something interesting" should always return an actual interesting item...not a 10 cr gray item. In the past that is the future I'd have to believe these droids can tell the difference between trash and treasure.
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