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07.23.2013 , 03:38 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Fortescue View Post
Change the colors and call it "new". :/
I know, right?

I was expecting at least 3 or 4 things new in the vendors, maybe a new weapon, or new armor set, etc.

But a reskin and calling it new - while I admit it would be nice as a part of a larger roll out of new gree items, just really falls flat as the only "hey, look at this new thing we got you!"

My private wish is for a new set of gree armor - same "Tron" theme, but perhaps based off of another class (current one is based on Imp Agent gear) - maybe Glowing Mando armor this time? or if we're being fair, glowing smuggler armor? The endgame being all classes represented with a Gree version of their gear eventually.

My other private wish is that they add a gree HK skin - not a remodel like they've been doing, but just a color change - thinking black HK-51 with Gold glowing lines - perhaps needing legendary status to go with it. I'd be so down with that its not even funny.

But hey, a guy can dream. And then we get a red reskin of the blue sphere.