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Oh Vector, you silly modest guy. I've looked into this, and we can cure him of the shyness and have him bear his chest. In looking at the level of shy we're dealing with here, we currently feel like we can get him to come around and look better for you in Game Update 2.3.1.
Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll ruin both my Vectors with this change. Well, maybe. If you don't touch the infected customization then mine might be fine but if you 'fix' those as well, I'm screwed. As it is now, with the infected customization and a covert torso armour equipped, my Vectors actually wear the original coat that you get with Vector. I like this look on him, the coat that is, and because companion default outfits are not moddable this is the only way I can keep the look, even though I'd prefer not to use the infected customization on him but I really like Vector in that coat. Besides, Vector is not the type to walk around showing skin, it's not in his personality.
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