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07.23.2013 , 02:36 PM | #13
VERY unhappy with the seeker droid changes. this is what USED to happen...
I would find a site. and start digging. most times seeker droid came up with greys...which i would actually fill 1/2 my bag with before i sent my companion away to sell it (usually about 5k worth of stuff per trip)
then I would find green/blue armor and weps. I would vendor these to make a few more credits.
I would also find armoring and mods. they were all junk BUT i would send them to an alt to RE and gain mats i could use for making better mods.
I rarely found orange gear. But it was nice when i did.
I would spend about 4 hrs at each digsite per day ( ya...i would visit all tat sites and switch instances when needed.) I know i know...that is a TON of time wasted. But it was worth it because of the credits i was making in the hopes of finding Dreadseed gear.
NOW BW took it all away. I just spent an hour searching a digsite and all i found was a deployment thing..
I dont complain much, in fact...several parts of the game are really well done and have sided with BW/EA on several things (ppl complaining of lag, bugs, etc that i never encountered, etc ) but this is uncalled for.
I have said though that maybe the only change that is to be needed is how the droid tells you were to dig...kind of like the HK scanner does.
Please...change this back. Dont do what D3 does and "fix it til its broke."...I want to keep paying my sub. Please give me a reason too. keep this game great.
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