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07.23.2013 , 02:12 PM | #12
It is TOTALLY ruined. What I used to enjoy doing waiting for things to pop was "dig for treasure". I'd get a few thou in credits selling the junk and RE the parts for some mats.

Now, I suppose if the ONLY thing you are interested in are speeder parts (I don't need another speeder - they all do the same thing anyway) they do seem to drop more often, but I ended up with 2 speeder parts (1 dup) and a couple of credits (I couldn't figure out which grey item the seeker had FOUND but probably the 10 credit item) and a lot of frustration as the area went from green "something nearby" to red - nothing detected over and over. And, my toon didn't move when this kept happening. Oh, I did get a chest, oh wow 6 gems that are worthless and 6 pieces of hypercloth I could sell on GTN for maybe 200 credits total?

I liked it the way it was. I was worried when I saw it was changing in patch notes - but I didn't dream they nerf it so badly that I can't imagine doing it again. Because it was one of my favourite things before.