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45 minutes .... and suddenly ''Your seeker droid found something'' ... I hold my breath and open my inventory .... ''Magnetized Security Spike'' .... sells for 5 credits to a vendor .... I made more from killing the sandpeople and looting the chest than I did selling stuff the seeker droid found.
Yes me too. I was there for a little over an hour and all I got was 2 gray items. Signed onto my other character to check the GTN, when I signed back in I couldn't deploy my seeker droid, so I guess someone popped in and within 5 minutes got the treasure lol

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Hmmm, this is even more of an incentive not to do this. The greens and blues weren't even worth my time doing this, this makes it even less appealing.
I did use the mods/enhancements I used to get to nearly gear up Gault lol And I used to make 20 - 30K credits even if I didn't get anything just from the grays, today I made 10 credits lol

And who said games are supposed to be fun? Whoever it was doesn't work for BioWare