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07.23.2013 , 11:52 AM | #6
i agree with what you guys have said but i really think the merc/mando needs more utility to be a more coveted AC to bring into raids ops and ranked pvp.. as of right now i know that we are not needed in any of those situations if you can bring a different class instead... i know the easiest way to be more wanted is to produce more damage but i think that is more a short term answer adding more utility(and hopefully the more damage just comes along with it since the devs how to know about all the parses and what not that have happen) one suggestion that has been made is the effect of electro net be added to our full auto (basically not escape/gap closers) or even just shorten the CD on electronet but yeah im hoping to get more mercs involved in this discussion for when the class reps talk to the devs because the merc/mando class needs alot of help in order to be on par with other classes and has needed it for a long time
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