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07.23.2013 , 05:50 AM | #5
I too had a similar issue with the GSI EMP-03 Explorer. I had all the parts needed, by digging and trading with other players to finally have all 4 parts. When i went to the Vendor, it took 2 parts originally and told me I can not afford it. Questioning the vendor, i repeated it. This time it took and returned 3 parts. Something else i noticed, was that the vendor had all 4 parts green, indicating i had all needed to be able to purchase it. I was not about to give up and continued trying and re inspecting every detail on why i could not buy it, and what could possibly prevent me from getting it. After hemming and hawing it over, the following day i sent the parts to an alt and was able to purchase it only then. And since its a Bind on Legacy item, I was able to send it to the intended toon.

I do have a question related to the speeder itself. Why could it not be added to a special category in the collections, so all alt's could buy it at a low price of either creds or cartel coins. It does seem to be one of the most sought after speeders, and the work to go into getting it and such pride on achieving it is so great. And I think it would be nice to have one toon's completion of acquiring all the parts could be rewarded as allowing the speeder to be used on all toons. similar to the HK-51. You go thru all the work to get him and all toons can benefit from him, after a small fee, of course.