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07.23.2013 , 02:35 AM | #309
nice it seems like there is WAY more progress, in the first weeks of NiM SaV, than it was on TFB, good to see people are still working on it and not all guilds "disbanded" like my server lost like 4 :S.

PD: was away from this thread to avoid swarming it with more useless posts there for the OP so she doesnt miss updates .... for suckafish raiders, its fine, no hard feelings, i may have approached the subject the wrong way, shouldnt have used someone as example, didnt think it would create a conflict like that, that would take the best out of everyone , it got out of hands on both sides, comment was against streams, not someones guild as u may have taken it, or it may have sound like... we are happy with our performance so far and working on titles as intended ....
so i apologize if it hurt someones guild, by mistake :/, like u or anyone else that might have felt target of it for whatever reason... and further comments that were basically out of topic on both sides, also apologize taken here from your side too if u want, i know most of u are nice forum posters and it was just the heat of the argument on both sides, no hard feelings you are 2nd, we are 3rd, great achievements for both guilds, hopefully we stick around for next hard content, and get1 -2 more US guilds to compete EU supremacy, and beat them >.<, hope i can get a mature answer from your side too and finish the pointless argument, or misunderstanding and let it go, because its boring now lol... no hard feelings at least until next hard content competition ... and leave thread for what it is, SS and boss kills .... point taken, ive never liked streaming in progress, for obvious reasons, end of story, it will be discussed for next content if possible if people agree.... Grats to all guilds that have cleared part of the Ops So far.... and good luck on titles to everyone.
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