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Game Director, James Ohlen, talks about how Knights of the Old Republic influenced the creation of SWTOR.

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Swtor is great but bio ware please understand us make kotor 3 rpg if you are gonna post this!!! We want kotor to come back we love it and have been waiting since 2004 when kotor 2 was released..... Please please bioware make one or end the rumors. There has been mass effect 1 2 and 3 why can't you just please make kotor 3 if you do I will buy it immediately I will pre order the first second it's available but BIOWARE, OBSIDIAN, LUCAS ARTS here us WE (10 million fans) WANT KOTOR 3 or at least an answer. Bioware please let me show my kids this when I have them, bioware let my kids play Kotor 3 with their kids. BIOWARE HERE US!!!