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---(Talk to the hand cause the ears are not listening - hand up in a stop sign like motion)
---(One arm "YES" with fist action pulling arm down and saying "YES" for use during downing boss)
---(While waiting for people to get stuff together you throw out your YODA YO-YO or DARTH MAUL YO-YO)
---(SCREEN Shot time - everyone picks a pose that matches them - Lean to one side, Hand on Chin, etc.)
---(Head nod up in silent "what up" motion to someone)
---(Cross arms and have a pissed off look. Maybe even a squiggly smoke line above head. See nearest "Very PISSED off Wife or Mother look" for reference.)

Less Likely due to being Non-PC:
---(Puts right hand thumb/finger L on your toon's forehead showing the target is a "LOSER")
---(Wiggle your butt like the default dance clips we have. Add slapping you hand on butt cheek for emphasis)
---(Fake vomit's at que and maybe even expand visual of cheeks and turn GREEN a little?)
These are some great and simple ideas. I would also want a bio break emote /bio
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