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Oh oh oh! Just my sort of thread request as an RP'er

Emotes that are already in the game that need animations!
/meditate - I'd love to see this as an actual proper kneel down and meditate. Our Jedi/Sith characters do this soooo many times in our story, yet we can't do it as a physical emote

/sleep - No brainer. Need to actually lie down when sleeping.

/crossarms - I would give a kidney for this emote. The /crossarms pose is one of my favourite in game poses and yet again, we can't use it outside of a cutscene If you put this in also, please keep it so that the pose stays until cancelled, rather than being a weird loop like /ponder. (if /ponder could be changed to stay in the hand-on-chin pose that would be awesome)! Make it paid if you want, just let me CROSS MY ARRRRRRMS

New Emotes for the Cartel Market
Form Poses.
I would happily pay 1000 cartel points to get this on my Sith/Jedi characters. /ataru? /shiicho? /makashi? /juyo? YES PLEASE. Again don't loop em, let the character stay in the stance until cancelled. Wonderful tool for ****** screenshots/RP moments.

The non-Force classes would need something to balance out though admittedly. Maybe various gun poses? /reload, /aimsights, /hipshot /scope (as in, sniper scopes through their sights), resting a hand on the gun but not drawing it, twirling guns, sidewards posing because why not ...stuff which would look cool.

Adding onto /crossarms, maybe /walllean? That might be weird if you don't position your character right, but I soooo wish this was a possibility.

Another version of flourish that carries out a series of attack moves; soething obviously aggressive. For example - a one-handed saber user carries out a Makashi salute, a dual-blade wielder shows off an impenetrable fan of blades; a sniper takes aim and loses a few shots; a Gunslinger shows off a few fancy tricks...things like that.

Maybe some physical non-weapon moves are in order too! I love that crazy 360 kick that some Force-users do (e.g. Jedi Knight Interrupt). /roundhouse, /tumult ....that would be kinda cool.