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07.22.2013 , 04:42 PM | #18
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Can we please get an animation for /sleep? The emote does work, but there's no animation with it. (Aka, laying down on the ground?)
Honestly, I'd like working animations for any/all of the un-animated ones we currently have. More vocal ones would be great too. I would also like to stress that making emotes available directly and not part of a cartel pack would be incredible. Seriously guys, we need some more direct purchase stuff. Many of us are willing to spend our coins this way.

I also like AlexDougherty's silly idea for a /fonz emote. Probably couldn't call it that, but the idea is so goofy I can't help but want it now. Magnusheart's /dread emote is also a good idea, but for obviously different reasons.

Some more instrument ones would be nice.

Something for /afk would be interesting... maybe standing there sipping a drink, or fiddling with a toy/screen of some sort, or, like someone else mentioned, sitting on the refresher.

Some others I'd like to see..
/kick (just use the kick-in-the-junk animation already in game -- and no, I don't mean kick from group)
/boo or /scare
/thinking (a little holo-thought-bubble would be cute)
/rakghoul (a little hop and a moment of rakghoul posture... rawrrr clawhands)
/drunk (a little stumble and some floaty drunk bubbles)
/sneak or /sneaky (maybe a "shhhh!" and that cartoony tiptoe posture)
/hattip (just the hand motion, for a polite hi/bye/thanks/etc. emote)
/crazy (as in "you are crazy")