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07.22.2013 , 03:45 PM | #15
1. /Sleep a real sleeping emote.

2. WORKING /FLOURISH THAT DOESNT PUT THE WEAPON AWAY, AND IT MAGICALLY GO THROUGH OUR BODY TO OUR HAND AFTERWORDS I don't like seeing my lightsabers go through my hips and my assault cannon go through our body.

3. a REAL /meditate (Using the animation of the JK heal)

4. /pushbutton Makes your character look like he is using a comptuer. so RP wise we look like we are using a data terminal.

5. /dread A Dread Master themed emote. preforms an evil laugh and a purple eyeglow

6. /pace Pace back and force like the sith inquisitor heal emote.

7. /9000 use a Scanner (like the C.M. one but not needed to preform the emote) you take it off and break it with a shocked facial expression.