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During maintenance, all updates and additional information will be posted on our Twitter account.

Quote: Originally Posted by Lachryphage View Post
Why can't you use the SWTOR site to update people about SWTOR? Why does everyone try to force me to use Twitter? You shouldn't be exclusively using a third party site for stuff like this. It would take 5 seconds to copy/paste to your own forum.
We added this line to help folks know where to get their info when we post the maintenance messaging that the game servers, web, and launcher will be unavailable. During those more extensive maintenance periods, players aren't able to come to the forums or even log into the launcher to read messaging, and that's the only time we exclusively use Twitter to provide updates.

However, the line has been removed for tomorrow's maintenance because we have updated the messaging and will not need to take down the web and launcher. When those methods of communication are available, we'll keep all of them updated as needed.

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