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07.22.2013 , 02:19 AM | #308
Hi everyone,

After a fierce and lengthy battle of attrition Corruptio Nex turned Titan 6 into scrap metal yesterday night:
<- Difficulty is missing there, sry, but it's in the achievement screenshot:

And here's the kill video:

Kudos to our heroic tank Silvane, last woman standing!!!

And special thanks to our regular Commando Heal Viich, who returned gloriously and worked his a** off with Ysidor, keeping us alive just long enough

However, as you see in the vid, ALL of us were playing to our absolute limit...

Greets and again, best of luck to all of you who are, like us, still hard at work on this ^^


Corruptio Nex (Guild website:

Server: T3-M4, Germany

Reko - Guardian Tank
Silvane - Shadow Tank
Viich - Commando Heal
Ysidor - Sage Heal
Jaîng - Commando DPS
Darjia - Sage DPS
Kérosin - Vanguard DPS
El'ethon - Sentinel DPS
El'ethon (Sentinel) | Rickmyron (Gunslinger) | Alreegan (Sage) | Vayus (Guardian)
Dacs (Commando) | Troý (Vanguard) | Ianea (Shadow) | Craeg (Scoundrel)
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