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I'm really sick of getting stuck with a group of L55s that skip everything, five times this week we've had a L55 tank in a group with lower levels that left when we asked to kill the other bosses or do the bonus because we need the XP or gear , really wish they would stop L55s from doing 50 flashpoints with under 55s. After a 20+ minute wait for a tank on Jedi Covenant I really don't want one to drop because he wants to just get it done fast and can't be bothered to explain to people how an EASY fight is done
If they make a specific branch for 50s or (50 - 54) to run these flashpoints, how long these queues will be ? That wouldn't be good.

If you bought the expansion, it really is a very short time you stay at 50. One flashpoint through group finder plus some dailies and you're already 51. With the expansion, these lvl 50 hms are just leveling content which drop leveling gear.

As for the xp reward, if there's a 55 there, you're already screwed on xp for kills, the gap between levels does that. With a 55 on the group, not much point kiling a gazillion mobs because there's little to gain. The most experience, by far, comes from the quests rewards (group finder quest, daily flashpoint, actual flashpoint)

Sucks when the the tank leaves like that when the flashpoint starts (can happen with Kaon or Lost Island, just because they are Kaon or Lost Island) but in reality, you're not in a worse situation that you were the minute before. A minute before you were waiting for a tank. Just like you are at the point where the tank left. Only difference is you have a higher priority to get a tank assigned. You don't need to stay in the instance, you can just exit area and go back to whatever it was you were doing while you were waiting and travel back in once another tank shows up.

Level 55s not being to do the 50 hms would be a bad thing for everybody. And let's be honest, the skipping bosses thing happened way before 2.0