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07.21.2013 , 07:59 PM | #66
I am playing more 55 FPs on my 61 geared Juggernaut then I ever have. The only time they are actually fun for me is when I am undergeared. Healing or Tanking them in 69 gear or better is laughably easy. So much so that it becomes utterly boring. The only times I have really wiped in an FP is when you have an absolutely awful Tank. So I queue a lot more on Tanks then on anything else.

As an addendum to this whole discussion, I was just in a HM Athiss where the Tank & Healer were insisting on some convoluted strategy for the first boss where you drag him halfway across the map, because it made the fight "easier". The idea that any of these fights are difficult enough to some people to require strategy boggles my mind.