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Please for the love of all things holy say they will NOT be bolstered!!
They said that arenas will be bolstered. I'll link Pistols thread about it, hold on.

Bolster: In a nutshell, they are very aware of player concerns about Bolster, unhappy that they didn't get it working properly fast enough, and they plan on very much keeping it around. Bolster will in FACT, be applied to Arenas as well. I also asked why they decided to use Bolster as opposed to a more legit Recruit Mark III set, and essentially they felt too many fresh 50's (at the time) were simply not using it period. I was little irked at that, since tbh that's on the player, and others shouldn't be penalized for a drooler, but they felt if Bolster is applied then all parties would be essentially benefit for the better. They are continuing to improve Bolster, are aware of some issues that are still live, and as I said are very much committed to making it work. IMO, and I think many others agree, Bolster would be fine for would just be nice to remove the "not-intended" issues that come along with it. Either way, it's here to stay so, our best bet is to keep reporting whatever issues we see on it, and get it posted, as that helped them a lot with the massive amount of feedback.